A short video demoing a parade with the cutlass, a recently added feature in the game.

ECWolf 1.4.0 and WolfstoneExtract 1.2

Published on ManiacsVault (ECWolf) at 2023-01-18.

When the wolf dies

Published on ModDB at 2022-12-17.

39 maps by Clubey, with some custom wall textures to boot. What's not to like?

Laz Rojas and his incredible Doom legacy

Published on ModDB at 2022-11-22.

Roughly 30 years ago a computer game was made that awed the players upon its release, revolutionized the genre and inspired creative folks to produce hacks and new adventures for it for years to come. The title of the game was Wolfenstein 3D, and one very peculiar garden it blossomed in was Apple Mac.

Second Encounter Deluxe Edition v0.99 released!

Published on ModDB at 2022-11-21.

Introducing Wolfenstein 3D Second Encounter Deluxe Edition: the ultimate conversion of the console/Mac family of Wolfenstein, with rebalanced gameplay, a sleek new art style, and 101 must-play classic levels. Only for LZWolf.


LZWolf is a fork of the ECWolf source port developed by Linuxwolf, laying the groundwork for additional modding capabilities, so budding designers can make ambitious and creative projects with relative ease.

This is a selection of five games built on the LZWolf engine that utilize these features in interesting and prominent ways.

These projects are only the tip of the iceberg. Both ECWolf and LZWolf are capable of a lot and there are many games worthy of attention created on them.

Discussing ECWolf 1.4 with Blzut3

Published by Zombie on 2022-11-01.

ECWolfECWolf is a source port for the Wolf3D engine that has grown in popularity in recent years, in part due to it's accessibility and it's modding-specific features.

The Wolfenstein 3D Dome News Archives

Published by Zombie on 2022-08-24.
This is an archive of the Wolf3D Dome news up until the end of 2001.

Since the month of the shareware release of the game, Wolfenstein 3D Map Editors have been developed for level designers to create their own experiences in the game.

Initial public offerings of Map Editor were limited both in options and feature-sets. As time went on though, more people have thrown their hat in the ring, contributing new approaches and ideas in attempts to improve the design experience. Now, anyone wanting to design levels in the Wofl3D engine have a wide range of choices for how they want to go about it.

This is a small series of articles that will attempt to explain the storied history of map editing programs in the Wolf3D community.

Finding a way to implement complicated features in mods without editing the source code has been a consistant goal over the years for many.