WDC 1.19.409

1 month ago
Author: winwolf3d
Subject: WDC 1.19.409
Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2022 11:32 pm (GMT -6)

Now with the ability to import and export Rise of the Triad map files!

  • Added: Ability to import and export Rise of the Triad's RTL and RTC map files.
  • Added: Added mouse wheel support to the map editor. Shift+mouse wheel for horizontal scrolling. Ctrl+mouse wheel for zooming in and out.
  • Changed: Made the overall main window larger in order to make the map symbol list and hover information wider for better long description visibility.
  • Fixed: Memory leak when importing maps to the clipboard or creating map BMPs.
  • Fixed: Selecting multiple map symbols can mess up the graphic option for each symbol.
  • Fixed: Update check wasn't always detecting newer versions in some scenarios.
  • Fixed: Game data file extensions are no longer limited to 3 characters on the Project Information window.
  • Fixed: Adding map tool tips no longer creates a duplicate.
  • Fixed: The order of the grid in Map Tools -> Map Colors.
  • Fixed: Map symbols greater than 32767 could not be added using hexadecimal.
  • Fixed: Map information frame now displays symbol descriptions with an ampersand correctly.

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