While based on ECWolf, LZWolf has some differences to it's parent engine. This guide answers common questions regarding LZWolf.

Creating fake geometry in ECWolf/LZWolf

This guide by Diema will teach you how to use the Billboards feature in ECWolf and LZWolf to create irregular architecture, allowing for more interesting variations in environments.

ROTT-style Elevators

This guide will show you how to implement the style of elevators used in Rise of the Triad in your own ECWolf/LZWolf project!

Switch-Activated Doors

Much like Rise of the Triad, ECWolf supports switch and touch plate activated doors and push walls! Contrary to popular belief, it actually isn’t too hard to pull off!

In this guide by AstroCreep, you will learn how to implement these features in your own ECWolf or LZWolf project!

ECWolf/LZWolf Modding FAQ

This guide is a collection of common questions or things to keep in mind when making a mod with ECWolf and LZWolf.

If your question is not covered here, be sure to check the other guides, or visit the Wolf3D.net Discord and ask other passionate Wolf3D modders.