P. D.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 - 13:59

P. D. It's Wolfenstein 3D Mod, It's Only Available For MS-DOS, Directly In DOSBox.



In Game Demo Screen Does Not Work But It Ends Closing By Itself!
Also What End Episodes.


And I realized that I don't know how to change the name of the episodes, for now I would let it.


P.D. History

P. D. Was created to take care of Robotropolis as governor, even so in 20XX, gave the maximum moment to be the hero of this city and remove all the problems that would roll.


P. D. Is Pulled On Puffle's Appearance, And Puffle Never Knew Him But Who Did... Was Puffle's Father From The Time Puffle Was Little.

And Puffle's Father Supports P. D. For The Guarantee Of Maximum Effort, And With That His Image Has Increased For The Population Of Robotropolis, And There He Owns The Own Building Called "Blackbot", The Largest Building In The World.


But P. D. Has Heard So Much About The W. D., And Didn't Want To Talk About It. P. D. It's Against W. D., AND W. D. It's Against P. D.


The plan that the W. D. wanted was to take the place of the P. D. and send the P. D. to be imprisoned in the territory of his soldiers. And after that, P. D. would have a chance to escape this territory before the W. D. does any fun.


And Now, You Have The Right Not To Disappoint The P. D., And This Is Not About Politics, This Is About Heroism.


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