MacenWolf Grabbag

My submission to the MacenWolf game jam and my first levels ever made for wolfenstein. File consists of two speed maps that I made in like 4 hours total since I didn't have alot of time. They're probably bad since I didn't test them a whole bunch.


Hope you enjoy them.

Filesize (4.62 KB)
Uploaded by Psycho_Dopefish
Upload Date 2022-06-28
Release Date
Levels 2
Max. Players (Recommended) 1

How to Install


First off, love the idea for this contest since it got me looking at the Mac stuff for the first time in years.  

What I'm wondering about is the 1994 limitations.  My original maps occasionally went over the 400-object limit, which kills how they play when I use the 1994 setting.  As far as the contest is concerned, does it matter?  I'm making adjustments to create a second set with the same maps using fewer objects, so I can submit either way, but the maps using the larger number of objects are my preference for submission.