Mission One Demo (Patch 2)

The (roughly) estimated second patch demo to a faulty game.

Filename bj_blaze-mission_one_demo.zip
Filesize (280.98 KB)
Uploaded by JacenXYZ
Upload Date 2023-04-19
Release Date
Levels 6
Max. Players (Recommended) 1
Link https://beta.wolf3d.net/file-download/download/private/4264

How to Install

Drag and drop the PK3/WAD file onto the ECWolf.exe file in your ECWolf directory, or the LZWolf.exe file in your LZWolf directory.

C-Dogs Installation Instructions

Create a new file in notepad with the below text. Save it as "campaign.json", and include it alongside the mod files in the Campaigns Folder in your C-Dogs SDL installation.

    "Version": 16,
    "Title": "B.J. Blaze and the Castle of Death - Mission One Demo (Patch 2)",
    "Author": "JacenXYZ",
    "Description": "The (roughly) estimated second patch demo to a faulty game. \n\nDownloaded from https://Wolf3D.net/"
    "Ammo": true,
    "SkipWeaponMenu": true,
    "RandomPickups": false,
    "DoorOpenTicks": 210,
    "Missions": 6


This may just me being a little harsh on myself, but I think that looking at this work is somewhat of a breath of fresh air from mods like Operation : Phoenix and The Castle Secrets. It's definitely a work in progress, and some elements could definitely be improved upon. But I will let my audience decide that. So, overall, 7/10.

~ JacenBlade

P.S. I thank you for reading this and I hope you have fun with the first mission.