ROTT-style Elevators

In Rise of the Triad, elevators worked differently - instead of being an end level trigger, it was more of a switch activated teleporter, taking you to another part of the level. This feature has been ported to ECWolf and is controlled by a simple thing tile!

This guide by AstroCreep will show you how to utilize this feature for your own project!

First, you must add an elevator tile. You need one for each set of elevators. Somewhere in your XLAT file under “things”, add the line “elevator 300;”


    trigger 98
        action = "Pushwall_Move";
        arg1 = 8;
        arg2 = 2;
        arg3 = 2;
        playeruse = true;
        secret = true;
    trigger 99 
        action = "Exit_VictorySpin"; 
        playercross = true; 
    elevator 300; 
    elevator 301;

You will also need to define a switch tile as well, as an example I am using the one from Coffee Break and the definitions from my previous switch door tutorial. Create a new file called ANIMDEFS.txt in the root of your mod’s PK3.

    switch SWITCHA1 on sound switches/normbutn
tics 0
    switch SWITCHA2 on sound switches/normbutn
tics 0

And define the tile in your XLAT. Under tiles:

tile 104 {
    texturenorth = "SWITCHA1";
    texturesouth = "SWITCHA1";
    textureeast = "SWITCHA2"; 
    texturewest = "SWITCHA2";

That's all the changes you need to make in these files to have one set of elevators. Now, you'll need to do some mapping.

For this example, I have extended the size of the first level to 128x128 and pasted the second level in the bottom right.

Each elevator starts from the uppermost or leftmost side and goes down or right. Each elevator point must be facing in the same direction or else you will be “teleported” in the middle of one of the adjacent tiles instead of the intended point.

rott elevators

As you see, I created a new room behind the original start point and made a new “elevator”.

Now you need to add your new tiles to the map editor (WDC or HWC are recommended). In the 1st plane, add your switch (104 in this tutorial), and then in the 2nd plane add your elevator destination point (300 in this tutorial)

rott elevators

Now, you simply place the trigger inside your elevator between the door and the switch. It must be the same tile for each corresponding destination: 1 will lead to 1 and vice versa. This allows for multiple elevators in the same level! Keep in mind that the elevators must face the same way, or else you won’t “teleport” correctly!