This is an archive of the Wolf3D Dome news up until the end of 2001.


Tasked with gathering intel, your squad quietly rows into the small Pacific island to raid and dismantle an ammo depot just off of the shore. It would be just after midnight that you approach the shore to begin your mission. Little do you know that your mission isn't over after the ammo depot. It will be filled with suspense, stealth, sabotage, and skill as you make your way deeper into populated cities, over bridges, to places you never would have expected.


This series seeks to explore some of the history of Wolf3D Level Editors in the community. This first article explores MapEdit, the main editor throughout most of the 90s!


New Download for The Secret at Castle Wewelsburg: Filesv2

Published by Big_Guy.






It DOES NOT work with DOS, sorry.


Vanilla gameplay mapset with a graphical overhaul! This comes with episodes 1, 2, and 3. Each episode has 3 levels, with one being a boss level. Episodes 1 and 2 have secret levels, both accessible from floor 1. There aren't any coding changes, soooo yeah. and it DOES NOT work with DOS, sorry.




The last few updates have been due to... well, you probably know already, but bugs that kindaaaa break the game. Most of it from my stupidity, but nonetheless, here is the updated version!


We're opening doors with this month's contest!




This is V1.1 of "Return to Danger: Revamped!" There are some nice aesthetic and graphical changes, 22 brand-new, not shit maps, following the same look, and feel as their OG counterparts. Other features include an ultra-secret map! Pls just try it I promise it'll be decent. YOU NEED SPEAR OF DESTINY: RTD AND LZWOLF.


Patch 1.1 includes the following changes;
= Corrected the title in the title screen

= Fixed map 4


In this article, we delve into BrotherTank's two cancelled projects that attempted to provide a flexible base for people's own game ideas all the way back in 2003.


The complete mod. Just drag and drop a registered Wolf3D exe (no code changes) and the necessary port files, and your good to go!



Greetings player! Thank you for downloading and playing my sixth release, A Rock and Hard Place!
This is a mod that consists of a few vanilla assets with a few new additions.
There is one new additional for each category, like one new wall set, one new static object, one new weapon, etc..
That explains why I named the mod such (reference to "Rock and Hard Place"), because ,during production, I was torn between sticking to complete vanilla or using all new assets.
The map structure and feel were made with episodes 1, 3, & 5 from the original in mind.
Feel free to use any of the new graphics featured here!
This mod spans 5 floors, 3 regular, 1 boss, and 1 secret, with each floor balanced for a pistol start.
This can be played on any Wolf3D port, be it DOS, SDL, or EC & LZWolf.
Just drag and drop a Wolf3D exe with no coding changes and other necessary files, and you're ready to roll!


New Download for De-Invasion: De-Invasion

Published by Relic374.

Thanks for downloading! Please stick around to see what else I have to offer!

Note: the info in the README.txt is a bit out dated lol



Published by Relic374.

I started work on this one at least 2 years ago; and it shows. This was meant to be an upgraded version of my first mod that would be less shitty (the mod was Fuckerstein, which was meant to be purposefully terrible, which on further thought probably wasn't a great route to go for my first mod X} ) 

Believe me when I say I can do better, and I hope I can prove it too you once my next mod gets released (hopefully before the end of summer)

So, you may be wondering, why would I release a mod that I think is terrible? Well, I've put a lot of time into this one, and it would be a shame not to release it after all that.

Actually, I don't think its terrible, imho the last 3 levels aren't bad (but the first two definitely show their age, if you know what I mean heh)


Majority mapped using mapedit and dosbox, finished with HWE on WineSkin Winery (MacOS user moment)




The humble ammo clip; supplying a varying amount of ammo to the player across all their weapons in the original Wolfenstein 3D.

As part of the "Bullets, Shells, Rockets, Oh My!" Art Contest, users may submit their own variation of an ammo pickup traditionally connected to "bullets".


A port of the game to work on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later.


New Download for Somewhat Familiar: Somewhat Familiar

Published by Justy_Zam.

The mod files. Just drag and drop an full Wolf3D exe (No code changes) and other necessary files, depending on the port you're using.