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Wolf Creator - No creativity involved

Even after DOOM was released, people still loved Wolfenstein 3D. This was obviously not just seen in the presence of an active modding community, but also in the further related releases other companies would put forward, such as Formgen's "Mission Packs" for Spear of Destiny which were released in the middle of 1994.


Wolf-Bytes - The Wolfenstein 3D Newsletter

In 2004, Ian Franken started a Wolf3D Newsletter that during it's short run proved an excellent source of written articles by members of the community, covering all aspects of Wolf3D. This article touches on it's history, as well as providing copies of the existing published issues.

The Games That Never Were

Over the years, a lot of ambitious projects using the Wolf3D engine have been announced, developed to various stages, and subsequently cancelled for all array of reasons. The depth, style and ambition of many of these projects captured the attention of the community, and are still fondly remembered by veterans of the Wolfenstein community today despite not ever being released.

This series of Pushwall articles will attempt to explore some of these projects, and the known history of them.


Dermuda's Mac Wolf3D Archive - A treasure trove

In December of 2021, a veteran of that community named "Dermuda" released "Dermuda's Mac Wolf3D Archive", a collection of hundreds of games created by members of the Mac Community.

Wolfenstein 2D (Episode 1)

Wolfenstein 2D - Bonus content in C-Dogs SDL

C-Dogs SDL is a port of a top-down shooter originally developed for DOS.

Over the years of it's development, Cong Xu has added a number of features and extras on top of the original, and with the "full" release of the port came one of the coolest of all; compatibility with Wolfenstein 3D.

Wolf3D EGA

EGA Wolf3D - A pipe dream

As the developers of Wolfenstein 3D have always been a talkative and passionate group of individuals, a lot of cool historic information has been revealed about the game over the years.

DHW Logo

DieHard Wolfers Yahoo Group - The original die hards

Before the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards, there was the DieHard Wolfers Yahoo Group. This was the place where Wolfenstein 3D fans got together to discuss the games and modding, and thanks to the efforts of Serpens, these messages have been archived and organized by year.

A lot of pieces of the community from decades ago have disappeared, but it's great to still have these time capsules of sorts, showing us how things were for Wolfers back then.

The Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny FAQ

The Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny FAQ

Wolfenstein 3D and it's modding scene came into being at a time when wikis full of indepth information weren't readily available to people. Instead, Wolf3D fans circulated a document called The Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny FAQ, and a long and constantly revised text file full of information collected and shared with the community.

Contained within the various versions of this FAQ is a treasure-trove of information, theories and ideas from a time when we didn’t have the engine’s source code to just breakdown and understand mechanics.

Corridor 8: Galaxy Wars

Corridor 8: Galaxy Wars

In 2005, Les Bird -former programmer of Capstone Software- was kind enough to release the source code and design documents for a never-finished sequel to Corridor 7 to mega-fan and DieHard Wolfers community member Mishran who in turn shared it with the public on his fanpage.

Interestingly, the sequel sees a shift to the Build engine instead of id-tech. The playable prototype uses a lot of placeholder sprites from DOOM, and serves as an interesting slice of history and "what could have been".

Wolfenstein 3D Part 2: Rise of the Triad

Wolfenstein 3D Part 2: Rise of the Triad

Out of all the games released on the Wolf3D engine, Rise of the Triad: Dark War is probably the furthest removed from Wolfenstein in appearance and features. However, that wasn't always the case.

In 2014(?), 3DRealms uncovered the original design specs for the game, which portray it's original intention as a direct sequel to Wolfenstein 3D, declaring Hitler a mere puppet to even greater world powers!


Wolf17 - DOS modding without editing the source code.

How do you allow a person to modify normally hardcoded features without having to edit the source code itself?

DieHard Wolfers member by the name of Dugtrio17 attempted to answer this all the way back in 2005 with a project called Wolf17.

Using a special editor, Wolf17 gave designers access to several variables within the game: