P. D.

P. D. It's Wolfenstein 3D Mod, It's Only Available For MS-DOS, Directly In DOSBox.



In Game Demo Screen Does Not Work But It Ends Closing By Itself!
Also What End Episodes.


And I realized that I don't know how to change the name of the episodes, for now I would let it.


P.D. History

P. D. Was created to take care of Robotropolis as governor, even so in 20XX, gave the maximum moment to be the hero of this city and remove all the problems that would roll.


Spear Resurrection

Wolfenstein 3D had a sequel in the form of  "Spear of Destiny".
Ever wondered what a sequel to Spear of Destiny may have been like?

Well, now you'll be able to stop wondering, and find out...

"Spear Resurrection" is here!

What really did happen to Hitler?
Why was his body never found?
What became of the "Spear of Destiny"?
Where did those nazis that fled after the war go into hiding?
Who is "Baron von Schmitt"?

Spear End of Destiny

Wolfenstein 3D had a sequel in the form of  "Spear of Destiny".
"Spear Resurrection" was our answer to a sequel to this classic game by iD Software.

Now there's a sequel to "Spear Resurrection" - Spear "End of Destiny"!!!

Was the "Spear of Destiny" lost for all time?
Had B.J. Blazkowicz saved the world last time, or just delayed the inevitable?
Were the nazis again engaged in secret activities?
Who is "Heinrich Haufmann"?