Prince of Persia

The Prince of Persia mod for LZWolf is an upcoming Total Conversion made on the LZWolf Engine. Its aim is to create an experience completely different from anything previously developed as a Wolfenstein mod. To this end, the TC seeks to reimagine the game Prince of Persia as a first person experience, shifting focus from platforming to combat and puzzle solving.

Fortress Of The Unfortunate V7 MOTHERFUCKER

This mod is one of my personal favourites in my collection, and bears a strong resemblance to other mods such as Coffee Break! It adds two new enemies --Venom Soldats, and chaingunnner minibosses,-- three new weapons, the STG44, flamethrower, and rocket launcher! Some features included are all-custom explosion death sprites, 10 full levels, HD sounds, new music, textured floors and ceilings, randomized enemies (Don't worry it's still fair,) and non-stop action! Fuck the story, get out there, and kill some goddamn Nazis!

Just drop the pk3 on lzwolf.EXE and start playing!