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A chaingun with a pair of rotary barrels.

Double Chaingun

Last Updated 2022-05-19

A chaingun with a pair of rotary barrels. Inspired by the Mobile Turret from the recent Doom games.

Skull Hans

Last Updated 2022-05-22

First boss sheet for this website! From Dunkelschwamm's Wolf3D Boss Generator.


Last Updated 2022-06-29

A 3-level minisode for this contest and the first Wolf3D mod I've ever made and released in some form.

Squid Guys

Last Updated 2022-07-07

9 months ago, I made a whole bunch of sprites based on the iconic henchmen from Squid Game, a popular Korean live-action series. There are three types in this pack: circle-faced workers, triangle-faced soldiers and square-faced supervisors.