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A download for De-Invasion.
Last Updated 2022-06-04

Thanks for downloading! Please stick around to see what else I have to offer!

Note: the info in the README.txt is a bit out dated lol


A game built on Wolfenstein 3D.
Last Updated 2022-06-04

I started work on this one at least 2 years ago; and it shows.

Guard Dying

Gorey Death Animations

Last Updated 2022-08-07

I made a VSWAP with a bunch of more... gorey animations

NOTE: THIS WILL BREAK IF YOU USE IT ON DOS. The memory will make the game crash.

Also, the VSWAP is a .WL1, so its only for shareware

Stove With Goo

Leaky Stove

Last Updated 2022-04-26

I was just messing around, and Liked what I could do with this stove