1 week 2 days ago

Two sets by Maarten Pinxten, ported to Mac by Laz Rojas, then ported back by yours truly.

Nothing to see here

2 weeks 2 days ago

Killing people in a school? Well, it's more of an unversity actually, and everyone else has a gun too...

Mac Kow

3 weeks 3 days ago

Four scenarios by one author, mostly full of bosses. Good luck.

What a waste

1 month ago

One partial conversion where you participate in the military struggle between Nazis, the Tribe and the Alliance.

Ducking hell

1 month 1 week ago

Zombies are coming! Zombies with guns, so better duck!


1 month 2 weeks ago

One of the smallest, shortest scenarios on Mac, now available on PC. Enjoy.


2 months ago

Two mods, one pretty big, one very small, but both about ambushes.

Natzee Schmatzee

2 months 1 week ago

Three First Encounter scenarios for a game in which you fight Nazis, where the authors took an extra step to assure you that, yes, you will be fighting Nazis.


2 months 1 week ago

The demo of a (possibly) WolfAddict scenario that never was.

Wolfenstein 3D - 30th Anniversary Edition ANOTHER UPDATE

2 months 2 weeks ago

Minor changes were made to the automap: - The automap now show which direction the player's facing. - With the Map Scroll item the automap show unexplored areas with darker gray color. - The player now can quit from Automap by using the "Tab" key. Made minor floor code changes and fixed a missing secret on E6M4. Minor spelling fixes in the end texts. Restored the original memory check for the very first screen.

May Update

2 months 2 weeks ago

I've been hard at work, but splitting time between personal projects and this mod as summer approaches. I have the lighting effects mostly done, and begun work on the UI with new fonts, graphics, menus, and some cool animations.


2 months 4 weeks ago

Breakthrough and accompanying scenarios by Aaron Teplitsky. It's a big one.
3 hours 40 minutes ago
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