Kreml 3D

Published by Zombie.

In these days of Wolf4SDL, LZWolf, and general advancement of modding, projects that exceed the original Wolfenstein 3D in features and scope are reasonably common.

Back in 2003 however, modding using changes to the source code was still in it's infancy. People were still fumbling around discovering things, and major features like floor and ceiling textures were still new.

So when Kreml 3D was announced, it caught immediate interest from the general community.


With Halloween done and dusted, shops and media will be turning to Christmas.

And so are we! Getting an early start, this November the focus will be on making the sprites from Wolf3D more festive!

To enter, take any sprite or texture already in Wolfenstein 3D, and add things to it to give it a Christmas theme! Add snow, tinsel, a wreath, whatever you feel, as long as it's Christmas-y!


Reports of whole-system crashes and other instabilities due to FloEdit were not uncommon, which caused a lot of frustration amongst the modding community.

This proved a point of inspiration for many to pursue creating their own programs. Among those people, there were "Ripper" (aka Moritz Kroll) and "Andi" of Chaos Software.


Actual version of the mod


1944 - the Nazi war machine suffers one failure after another.
Hendrik Gruber, a high-ranking Nazi, interested in occult knowledge decides to seek help from the Devil himself.


My Grandad

Published by Zombie.

When it came to gaming, my Grandad probably had the biggest impact on me as a kid.

I remember being very young and making a trip to his house with my parents and very young brother, only to be blown away by what would now be a fairly "meh" sort of a game compared to nowadays, but I enjoyed thoroughly as one of the first I ever got to play.


Fixed an issue with the title not showing up.


This is it! The moment you would all be waiting for. These levels I have constructed will generously be called "The Chopping Block" Demo!


The (roughly) estimated second patch demo to a faulty game.


A patched version featuring new graphics is now available for your viewing pleasure.


A basic one-episode demo consisting of a six levels.


Originally conceived as a sequel to Operation : Mutant Strike 4 : Unfinished Business that never went anywhere, it was eventually decided that the story would take place from the son of B.J. Blazkowicz' POV. It's meant to envoke some action along with some Indiana Jones adventure set pieces.


New Download for Searing Heat: Searing Heat File

Published by Big_Guy.






Searing Heat

Published by Big_Guy.



It's now been a year since the new, creator-oriented went live, and I am delighted with where we are now.

When Wolfsource (Now first started in 2019, it started with an aim to provide a platform for fans of Wolfenstein 3D and other Wolf3D games to chat and find Wolf3D content. Providing a News Website and a stable Discord, filled a hole that had been present for several years, and was well received.


While it served it's purpose, there were things that were desired out of the website that were extremely limited, or did not work. The redesign started in May of 2020, building a new website from the ground up with a rapid shift in form.


Also known as -Helvete- or simply Helvete, Castle Helvete was to be an ambitious game by ChiefRebelAngel that teetered on the edge of completion before as is often the case, real life obligations intervene.

Originally announced in July of 2004, ChiefRebelAngel came in strong for his first game announcement, showing off his artistic skills in an unofficial sequel story to Wolfenstein 3D, taking place after the third episode of the game, "Die, Führer, Die!".


In the course of Wolfenstein 3D's story, thousands of bullets are fired all about the place. Despite this, all the vases, tables, and lights in the castles manage to avoid stray bullets, and if someone else entered that room they would have no way of knowing anything transpired (You know, besides the bodies).

Let's fix that!

For this contest, take a sprite from Wolfenstein 3D or Spear of Destiny, and damage it! Break a chandelier, riddle with a vase with bullets, upturn a table. If it's in game, break it! This extends to everything; crack the health kit or even throw the ammo box around.

Entrants are welcome to create complete sprite sets of the item breaking if so inspired, but the final sprite (Depicting the object fully broken) should be set as the Preview Image for the contest.


The basic package; includes (most) enemy rotations for Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, as well as basic player sprites.


ECWolf 1.4 introduces the grounds for co-operative multiplayer, but without the addition of sprites to cover the new options. These include the enemy shooting sprites (By default they always face forward, even if they are shooting at someone else), and the player sprites in general (As the game never needed to display the player beyond the Victory Run).

This mod fills those gaps by combining:

  • The Wolfenstein Sprite Fix and Rotation Project for ECWolf published by PSTrooper (
  • Sprites borrowed from SplitWolf, another multiplayer Wolf3D project (though it is splitscreen instead of network) (

 There are limitations:


On the cusp of the millenium, something new and innovative in the world of Wolf3D would come in the form of FloEdit, a new editor developed and released by Florian Stohr in the final months of 1999.


Floriculture is all about flowers and display plants, which are very under-represented in Wolfenstein 3D outside of a few potted plants.

To fix that, this contest is all about plantlife! To enter, just create a new plant-related sprite! Flowers, ferns, succulents, any plants that would be put on display indoors qualifies.


New Download for Scene 2 UWMF Demo: v1.0.1

Published by Ginger Jesus.

See the README for details. Compared to the previous version, this version updates the README to account for some changes that I made to the Git repo.


New Download for Shima: Shima 1.3

Published by ZanuAF.

Fixed some minor graphics issues. Rebalances levels 4 and 5 in favor of the player.


New Download for Shima: Shima 1.1

Published by ZanuAF.

Removed redundant files. Fixed audio tracks mistakenly left as .wav



Published by ZanuAF.

Take the people's war to the Japanese imperialists! DuoShou cooperative enterprises presents Shima!