The original Wolf3D engine was built to run on DOS, and is extremely flexible for creating classic games.

Mac Wolf3D

A version of Wolfenstein 3D commercially released for Mac computers, with major differences to gameplay.
Pictured: Klooni


An all-purpose source port capable of running several Wolf3D games from the same executible, and built-in scripting system for modding.


Based on ECWolf, this project expands the feature-set to give modders even more tools to use in their mods and games.


A fork of Wolf4SDL designed to emulate the Mac Wolf3D experience as closely as possible


A port (Long abandoned) of Wolfenstein 3D to OpenGL, allowing users to take advantage of 3D graphics and other things usually impossible in Wolf3D.


A port inspired by "Chocolate Doom", this engine seeks to accurately recreate the original DOS experience natively in Windows!


A port of the Wolf3D engine allowing users to customize and add even more to their games, while staying on DOS.


A powerful, freely editable Wolf3D source port that attempts to retain the original gameplay, capable of running on Windows, Mac and Linux.