How to run programs in DosBox

Modern operating systems do not come with MSDOS installed anymore. Because of this, programs like Wolfenstein 3D and it’s DOS-based editors no longer work “straight out of the box”.

To fill the gap, applications like DOSBox have been developed and released that let you use these programs again in an authentic DOS-like emulation.

When you first download DOSBox, it can seem a little confusing as to how to use it. But when you learn what the options are, it’s actually reasonably effortless!

Game Release Preparations

You've created a mod or game, and you're getting it ready to release it for people to play. First up, congratulations! Getting from inception to finished product is a great feat, and you're hopefully proud of your creation.

Play the iOS and Java versions of Wolfenstein games on Windows!

Wolfenstein 3D and the oft-forgotten Wolfenstein RPG were both available on iOS back in 2009, with a version of Wolfenstein RPG also being available for Java-compatible phones. Unfortunately, neither title was updated to keep up with the operating system's major updates and are no longer available to play normally.