A Wolf and Stone Place

Monday, June 20, 2022 - 06:49


Greetings player! Thank you for downloading and playing my sixth release, A Rock and Hard Place!
This is a mod that consists of a few vanilla assets with a few new additions.
There is one new additional for each category, like one new wall set, one new static object, one new weapon, etc..
That explains why I named the mod such (reference to "Rock and Hard Place"), because ,during production, I was torn between sticking to complete vanilla or using all new assets.
The map structure and feel were made with episodes 1, 3, & 5 from the original in mind.
Feel free to use any of the new graphics featured here!
This mod spans 5 floors, 3 regular, 1 boss, and 1 secret, with each floor balanced for a pistol start.
This can be played on any Wolf3D port, be it DOS, SDL, or EC & LZWolf.
Just drag and drop a Wolf3D exe with no coding changes and other necessary files, and you're ready to roll!

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Hello fellow Wolfer! Just a little heads up to download patch 1.1 if you wish to play this.
I could have easily edited the old download file, but decided not to for archive purposes.

Thank you and happy wolfing!