I started work on this one at least 2 years ago; and it shows. This was meant to be an upgraded version of my first mod that would be less shitty (the mod was Fuckerstein, which was meant to be purposefully terrible, which on further thought probably wasn't a great route to go for my first mod X} ) 

Believe me when I say I can do better, and I hope I can prove it too you once my next mod gets released (hopefully before the end of summer)

So, you may be wondering, why would I release a mod that I think is terrible? Well, I've put a lot of time into this one, and it would be a shame not to release it after all that.

Actually, I don't think its terrible, imho the last 3 levels aren't bad (but the first two definitely show their age, if you know what I mean heh)


Majority mapped using mapedit and dosbox, finished with HWE on WineSkin Winery (MacOS user moment)

Total levels: 6 I believe, including a secret level accessible through the 1st floor

Start date: Some where in late 2020

Release date: Friday June 3rd, 2022 at around 7pm


Thanks for checking this out! I promise I have more mods to come- that are way better ;)


De-Invasion (649.62 KB)

Submitted by Relic374 Includes 6 levels.

Thanks for downloading! Please stick around to see what else I have to offer!