Hitler's Funeral

DO NOT PLAY IN DOS. The reason the game doesn't work in DOS is because in the second level when a specific enemy is killed the game crashes.


With the Soviets closing in on his bunker, Hitler realized it was over and so he killed himself.
Hitler told his guards to burn his body so that the Soviets could not get their hands on his body.
After Hitler's corspe was already set on fire, a group of SS officers decided to try to resurrect Hitler.
They were only partly successful beacuse the resurrected Hitler was trapped in a dimension in between ours and the dimension of the dead.
It's your job to destory Hitler's burning body before the resurrected Hitler can fully enter his body.
If you are not successful Hitler will have the power to resurrect all the German soldiers who died in battle. Good Luck!


Hitler's Funeral

Submitted by Zombie Includes 2 levels.

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