The Nexperiment

Small side project for the sake of having fun. Gameplay is all about collecting and dropping items to gain or lose speed. There are plenty of minor and major changes.

Requires: 1 copy of Wolf3D (Version 1.4) and a toaster.

  • WASD + mouse y-axis support for the ones that can't adapt
  • Automap for the lost GPS generation
  • Optional shading and floor textures
  • Heavy gameplay
  • Funny weapons
  • Weapon upgrades and combos to break the game
  • Anti-door camping ai
  • New items
  • Statistics no one cares about
  • A hookshot to transport the lazy ones
  • A hidden game within
  • Many other things that make and don't make any sense


The Nexperiment

Submitted by Zombie

The main download

Requires a copy of the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to play.