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A game that is anything but sketchy.

Drawn and Quartered review by Zombie. Published 2023-03-23. 0 Comments.

It's been quite a long time since I played through this small but unique game. Drawn and Quartered is one of the more unique Wolf3D-powered games created by the community, even nearly 17 years after its release.

Originally intended as an entry for a "Mod in a Week" game-jam style event, Ringman's project proved to be a standout for it's unique approach to the visuals. Ringman hand-drew all the art used in the game, scanning them onto his computer and editing them as needed.

Drawn and Quartered

The sketch style of the game lead to a completely different aesthetic to that of typical Wolf3D games, which tended to stick to the style of the original game.
Due to the use of only black white and grey for colour, some of the graphics could be a bit non-descript in busy rooms and initially it was difficult at times to determine what was a collectible or what could be walked over/through, but that never impaired the gameplay or provided frustration.
Despite the decreased colour range, enemies remained identifiable with their brighter (or in the case of the boss, darker), less shaded designs. In visually busy areas like the forest, they were still obvious enough to not be caught off-guard easily.

The three levels are loosely connected by a simple story, but are each disconnected thematically from each other, delving into seemingly random locations and ideas. This variety prevented any staleness that could come with repetition, and plenty is left to the imagination as to the story behind the locations. What is the submarine nearby? Are they salvaging the sunken ship? Why?
If I had any gripes with the level design, it would be a minor personal one of the forest coming off a little confusing, with no indication it required further ex…

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