An evil pimp by the name of Doktor Phancypantz is abducting and cloning young girls for his wicked webcam empire. As it is obvious that BJ Blazkowicz would make the girls swoon and surrender immediately, it was decided to hire somebody who would make it a more challenging mission. As such, a dull-faced man suffering from resting bitch face syndrome coupled with the personality of a cardboard box was chosen instead: DOOMGUY.

Office Hours

This is a DOS mod that features coding changes, so it can't be run on modern sourceports. DOS is not dead, it's truly alive.

Tired of fighting Nazis in dungeons? Tired of fighting Nazis in castles?
Well then, I've got just the thing for you! Fight Nazis in an office! Totally not as boring as those dungeons and
Anyway, you've got to raid those fancy offices and hotel rooms to steal their documents. Who knows what they could be hiding?