Office Hours

This is a DOS mod that features coding changes, so it can't be run on modern sourceports. DOS is not dead, it's truly alive.

Tired of fighting Nazis in dungeons? Tired of fighting Nazis in castles?
Well then, I've got just the thing for you! Fight Nazis in an office! Totally not as boring as those dungeons and castles...eh?...eh?
Anyway, you've got to raid those fancy offices and hotel rooms to steal their documents. Who knows what they could be hiding?


Started this project shortly after finishing my first mod. It was initally planned to have various chapters and include new features such as new enemies and weapons but i decided to discard the idea and go with a more simplistic vanilla mod like my first one.

Thanks to the community who supported and encouraged me to continue and improve. I had a lot fun making this mod and i hope you too playing it!

As always feel free to leave your suggestions and reviews!