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Schmeiser Maschinenpistole 40


Last Updated 2022-04-03

This weapon is my take on the famous MP40. It was made using the original vanilla submachine gun as a base with colors directly from the wolf3D palette. The pickup sprite is an edit using WSJ's MP40 as a base with my own twist.

Somewhat Familiar

A download for Somewhat Familiar.
Last Updated 2022-05-23

The mod files. Just drag and drop an full Wolf3D exe (No code changes) and other necessary files, depending on the port you're using.

SF Screenie 1

Last Updated 2022-05-24

Hans has spent his time uplifting the interior design of his battle room!

SF Screenie 2

Last Updated 2022-05-24

An area in floor 3. Having flags next to pillars is a new design I tinkered with.

SF Screenie 3

Last Updated 2022-05-24

An area on floor one. Wood + Eagle painting + Green plant = Beautiful combination for a hallway.

WaSP screenie 1

Last Updated 2022-06-20

The (short) opening floor.

WaSP screenie 2

Last Updated 2022-06-20

I don't think you should disturb them...

WaSP screenie 3

Last Updated 2022-06-20

These officers were rewarded with new uniforms!

WaSP screenie 4

Last Updated 2022-06-20

They put flags in the restroom, too?!

WaSP screenie 5

Last Updated 2022-06-20

New walls, new flags...