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Map format

Published on ModDB Articles at 2023-03-29.

Map format
The map files are just a 64x64 grid, which lo-tag and hi-tag have the IDs for wall and sprite layers. The game will read these files and create functional maps on the fly.

Cry havoc

Published on ModDB Articles at 2023-03-23.

Cry havoc
Rin-Tin-Tin was fed up and now he's out to take over the world. Can you stop him? (probably not)

Rin Tin Tinenstein

Published on ModDB Downloads at 2023-03-23.

Rin Tin Tinenstein
Rin-tin-tin was fed up, now he's out to take over the world. Can you stop him? (probably not)

Project X2 Map Fixes (E5M9, E6M8 and E6M9)

Published on ModDB Downloads at 2023-03-20.

Project X2 Map Fixes (E5M9, E6M8 and E6M9)
NOTE THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH OTHER SAVES. -Fixed an Issue that makes it impossible to get 100% kills/treasure on E6M8. Now you can get 100%. Removed a Tech Barrel that was blocking the way. -Added A Missing PushWall in E6M9 that was Preventing a 100% Completion. (That is fixed I hope) -Fixed a Secret in E5M9 that Preventing a 100% Treasure completion Thanks to LY203 for the playthrough and showing me the Map Bugs.. This Hotfix Includes the No Snow Patch.

I trust the speed until I have no need to run anymore

Published on ModDB Articles at 2023-03-19.

I trust the speed until I have no need to run anymore
Miles and miles I run... Ahem. Three new map-only scenarios today, all about running. Enjoy.


Kreml 3D

Published by Zombie on 2023-10-31.

In these days of Wolf4SDL, LZWolf, and general advancement of modding, projects that exceed the original Wolfenstein 3D in features and scope are reasonably common.

Back in 2003 however, modding using changes to the source code was still in it's infancy. People were still fumbling around discovering things, and major features like floor and ceiling textures were still new.

So when Kreml 3D was announced, it caught immediate interest from the general community.

Reports of whole-system crashes and other instabilities due to FloEdit were not uncommon, which caused a lot of frustration amongst the modding community.

This proved a point of inspiration for many to pursue creating their own programs. Among those people, there were "Ripper" (aka Moritz Kroll) and "Andi" of Chaos Software.

My Grandad

Published by Zombie on 2023-05-10.

When it came to gaming, my Grandad probably had the biggest impact on me as a kid.

I remember being very young and making a trip to his house with my parents and very young brother, only to be blown away by what would now be a fairly "meh" sort of a game compared to nowadays, but I enjoyed thoroughly as one of the first I ever got to play. Beta - One year in

Published by Zombie on 2023-03-16.

It's now been a year since the new, creator-oriented went live, and I am delighted with where we are now.

When Wolfsource (Now first started in 2019, it started with an aim to provide a platform for fans of Wolfenstein 3D and other Wolf3D games to chat and find Wolf3D content. Providing a News Website and a stable Discord, filled a hole that had been present for several years, and was well received.

Also known as -Helvete- or simply Helvete, Castle Helvete was to be an ambitious game by ChiefRebelAngel that teetered on the edge of completion before as is often the case, real life obligations intervene.

Originally announced in July of 2004, ChiefRebelAngel came in strong for his first game announcement, showing off his artistic skills in an unofficial sequel story to Wolfenstein 3D, taking place after the third episode of the game, "Die, Führer, Die!".


A basic RPG-style levelling system

Guide Tags: Intermediate, Coding
Engine(s): DOS, Wolf4SDL 1.9

Many games from all genres take inspiration from RPGs in the form of a "level-up" system. This system typically rewards the player "experience points" for tasks, and gives the player a "level" when a milestone is hit. Each level will generally make the player stronger in some way.

For this guide, we'll be introducing such a system to Wolf3D. By the end you will have a functional but basic system for levelling, where kills will reward experience, and levels will influence the amount of damage weapons do.

Aurora's Art Lectures

Guide Tags: Beginner, Art

In 2022, Art Lectures teaching beginners how to get into spriting and texturing were run by Aurora on the Discord.

For prosperity and access, these lectures have been preserved on

Play the iOS and Java versions of Wolfenstein games on Windows!

Guide Tags: Beginner, General

Wolfenstein 3D and the oft-forgotten Wolfenstein RPG were both available on iOS back in 2009, with a version of Wolfenstein RPG also being available for Java-compatible phones. Unfortunately, neither title was updated to keep up with the operating system's major updates and are no longer available to play normally.

Tips for creating/editing Wolf3D & Spear of Destiny Designs

Guide Tags: Beginner, Getting Started, Mapping

This is a guide released by Warren Buss years ago, and remains a solid starter for learning the foundations of Wolf3D mapping concepts.

You can find the guide in it's original text format here.

sbarprot: Advanced HUD customization in LZWolf

Guide Tags: ECWolf/LZWolf, Intermediate
Engine(s): LZWolf

While latchcfg works in both ECWolf and LZWolf, the latter offers an alternative called sbarprot that allows for advanced statusbar/HUD customization. Using sbarprot, displaying information typically on the statusbar is a lot more flexible than utilizing the latchcfg method.

This guide will take you through how sbarprot works, and some example changes that can be made using it.