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Collateral Damage - Art Contest #8

In the course of Wolfenstein 3D's story, thousands of bullets are fired all about the place. Despite this, all the vases, tables, and lights in the castles manage to avoid stray bullets, and if someone else entered that room they would have no way of knowing anything transpired (You know, besides the bodies).

Let's fix that!

For this contest, take a sprite from Wolfenstein 3D or Spear of Destiny, and damage it! Break a chandelier, riddle with a vase with bullets, upturn a table. If it's in game, break it! This extends to everything; crack the health kit or even throw the ammo box around.

Entrants are welcome to create complete sprite sets of the item breaking if so inspired, but the final sprite (Depicting the object fully broken) should be set as the Preview Image for the contest.