This guide answers common questions regarding the long-maintained Wolf4SDL source port.


ECWolf is a source port for Wolfenstein 3D developed by Blzut3. It is made to increase the ease of creating and playing mods, as well as create an engine that plays all games built on the engine.

It also provides some quality of life improvements including modern control schemes and screen resolutions.


LZWolf is a source port for games and mods built on the Wolf3D engine. It is forked from ECWolf, containing all of ECWolf's features and access to a variant of the Decorate scripting language.

It adds upon those foundations by expanding the API and merging some elements from zDoom in order to expand new mod development. While LZWolf is made with traditional Wolf3D modders in mind, Doom modders also find the engine accessible due to it's similarities with zDoom's own Decorate scripting.

ECWolf 1.4 Multiplayer FAQ

With the release of version 1.4 of ECWolf, the engine now provides multiplayer! This is a collection of questions covering common issues specific to this feature of ECWolf.

For more information or to see how to get started, there is a collection of official Multiplayer Notes on the ECWolf website, worth reading.