MapEdit - DOS Map Making

MapEdit was created by Bill Kirby in 1992, serving as one of the earliest map editing programs. Despite the advent of multiple other arguably more advanced editors MapEdit still sees active use today by avid fans, for reasons including nostalgia and it's simple interface, as well as ability to edit multiple different games and versions.

This guide will help you find the right version of MapEdit for you (There are quite a few), and get you started making your own maps within the program!

Mapping for ECWolf

This set of video guides by Dunkelschwamm is designed to teach you how to create maps in the editor WDC, and import them into your ECWolf or LZWolf project using SLADE.

By the end of this series you will be have a functioning custom mapset for Wolfenstein 3D, complete with custom episode names!

Tips for creating/editing Wolf3D & Spear of Destiny Designs

This is a guide released by Warren Buss years ago, and remains a solid starter for learning the foundations of Wolf3D mapping concepts.

You can find the guide in it's original text format here.