ECWolf Classics Collection - Second Encounter

A port by Woolie Wool, combining the maps and features from the game with the art from the DOS version of Wolf3D.

Filename classics_second.pk3
Filesize (579.5 KB)
Uploaded by Zombie
Upload Date 2021-10-06
Release Date
Levels 33
Max. Players (Recommended) 1

How to Install

Drag and drop the PK3/WAD file onto the ECWolf.exe file in your ECWolf directory, or the LZWolf.exe file in your LZWolf directory.


I personally prefer SE to the original Six episodes. Second Encounter compresses the original 60 level episodic experience into a short but sweet 30 level campaign, while keeping the storyline intact. And once I discovered this mod, I could finally experience it for myself. The only thing missing is the Mac version's enhanced graphics and music, but other than that, its a perfect recreation of SE.