Find the Secret Passage Redux

The port of the game as part of the MacenWolf Project.

Filesize (927.61 KB)
Uploaded by Zombie
Upload Date 2022-03-03
Release Date
Levels 1
Max. Players (Recommended) 1

How to Install

Extract the zip to the folder containing your copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, and run the included .BAT file.

If there is no .BAT file, either open the command prompt inside your MacenWolf folder and run 'macenwolf --file foldername', or create a shortcut for the exe and place 'macenwolf --file foldername' in the target field in Properties, and the mod will be launched.

In both cases 'foldername' should be replaced with the name of the folder containing your newly extracted mod (For example, The Spear of Longinus is inside of the \longinus folder, so it would read 'macenwolf --file longinus').