Mungfunger: Shadow of the SS Guardmutant

This action packed mapset for ECWolf will keep you on the edge of your seat. You are BJ "Billy" Blokajzwitch, U.S. special agent. The govermnent send you to the infamous secret guardmutant base to kill all guardmutants. Now it's everything and everyone up to you to save the freeworld...

Filename mungfunger.pk3
Filesize (545.65 KB)
Uploaded by Dunkelschwamm
Upload Date 2022-11-05
Release Date
Levels 7
Max. Players (Recommended) 1

How to Install

Drag and drop the PK3/WAD file onto the ECWolf.exe file in your ECWolf directory, or the LZWolf.exe file in your LZWolf directory.