Shima 1.3

Fixed some minor graphics issues. Rebalances levels 4 and 5 in favor of the player.

Filename Shima1_3.rar
Filesize (40.23 MB)
Uploaded by ZanuAF
Upload Date 2022-12-11
Release Date
Levels 6
Max. Players (Recommended) 1

How to Install

Drag and drop the PK3/WAD file onto the LZWolf.exe file in your LZWolf directory.

C-Dogs Installation Instructions

Create a new file in notepad with the below text. Save it as "campaign.json", and include it alongside the mod files in the Campaigns Folder in your C-Dogs SDL installation.

    "Version": 16,
    "Title": "Shima - Shima 1.3",
    "Author": "ZanuAF",
    "Description": "Fixed some minor graphics issues.
                                \n\nDownloaded from"
    "Ammo": true,
    "SkipWeaponMenu": true,
    "RandomPickups": false,
    "DoorOpenTicks": 210,
    "Missions": 6


Hi, looks cool but crashes at the loading screen for me, tried fresh lzwolf folder, any help would be appreciated!

Was able to create a shortcut and add "--nowait" in the launch options to skip the intro screen and it works like a charm, just drag the .pk3 over the shortcut after adding the launch command and presto. This also worked for Tod ist mein Leben which crashed the same way, but all his other mods are working fine. Just thought I'd post if people have the same issue.