Runs from - Game Jam #1: MacenWolf

Create a levelset of 2-5 maps in MacenWolf, the Wolf3D source port that recreates the Mac environment for Wolf3D!

Serpens and Nexion's MacenWolf has seen authentically-styled ports of not just the original Macintosh Wolfenstein 3D games, but a great many of the mods and scenarios that were built on them.

MacenWolf has also been designed to be a unique base for your Wolf3D games, including documentation and map definition files to work with popular Wolf3D editors. The engine simulates the Mac playing environment down to the bugs and quirks level designers user to take advantage of.
MacenWolf even goes a step further, with Nexion's "S.U.C.K." modding kit allowing for the finetuning of elements like enemy health, and even implement floor and ceiling textures!

It's with all this in mind that MacenWolf has been chosen as the base for the first Game Jam on!

To participate, simply download a copy of MacenWolf Second Encounter or MacenWolf Third Encounter, and make a set of levels for the game.

For this contest, entries should be restricted to  2-5 maps only, with no sprite or texture changes. However entries are welcome to have a custom title screen and scenario thumbnail, and may utilize S.U.C.K. (Documentation and example files can be found in the sidebar.) to modify the game further.


Three Little Pigs (7.77 MB)

Submitted by Dunkelschwamm Includes 3 levels.

Lay siege to three deeply entrenched nazi bunkers.

The first, a fort of wood. The second, a bunker of bricks. The third, a steel castle.

B.J. will need to huff and puff to blow his way through this challenge.

Hasty Architecture (and a Lost Medical License) (7.92 KB)

Submitted by Zombie Includes 4 levels.

Regular surveilance of Dr Schabb's cabin following his documented survival and extraction have revealed some interesting developments that require further investigation.

MackENWOLF (83.05 KB)

Submitted by ack Includes 5 levels.

I ran out of original map set names a decade ago... so it goes.

My Third Encounter entry.  Enjoy (or not).

Tribute (4.77 KB)

Submitted by Flinty Includes 3 levels.

The first map is a tribute to WolfMaker.

The second map is a tribute to all the obscure short scenarios with close quarters full of enemies.

The third map is a tribute to WolfenFart.

Enjoy... not.


First off, love the idea for this contest since it got me looking at the Mac stuff for the first time in years.  

What I'm wondering about is the 1994 limitations.  My original maps occasionally went over the 400-object limit, which kills how they play when I use the 1994 setting.  As far as the contest is concerned, does it matter?  I'm making adjustments to create a second set with the same maps using fewer objects, so I can submit either way, but the maps using the larger number of objects are my preference for submission.