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Last Updated 2022-08-31

Toxic Gas Trap

Last Updated 2022-06-21

A few environmental hazard actors, clouds of toxic gas!  Comes in a few varieties, plus gas vent traps! Built by AstroCreep.

Spike Trap

Last Updated 2022-06-21

Two environmental hazard actors built by AstroCreep, based off of the spear traps from ROTT

Return of Destiny Textures

Last Updated 2022-06-22

An assortment of textures for the (sadly) scrapped sequel to Spear: End of Destiny, Return of Destiny. Created by AReyeP, he recently shared these textures with Thomas Weiling to be released for public use!

CIG Wolfenstein

A download for CIG Wolfenstein.
Last Updated 2022-05-15

The released game.