LZWolf is a fork of Blzut3's ECWolf project, combining Wolf4SDL with the philosophies of projects like ZDoom to create a mod-friendly source port for Wolf3D games. In addition, LZWolf adds extra features popular in the Wolf3D modding community to extend it's usability as an engine for creating games.

LZWolf exists in tandem with ECWolf, with the goal of eventually being compatible with all games built on the engine (Including the Blake Stone games, Corridor 7, etc).

Unfortunately, LZWolf's development has been discontinued as of the 5th of March, 2023. The engine is still a fantastic source port for the building of mods, with a lot of cool features to take advantage of, but will not be following ECWolf to a 1.4 release.

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Engine Features

Built off of ECWolf, supporting all features currently present.

Parallaxing Skies and Atmospheres (Rain, Snow, Starry Skies)

Weapon damage types and resistances

Custom death animations that reference damage types

Custom Music Triggers

Lighting effects and extra options for scene control.

Factions! Now you can have in-fighting, alliances, and betrayal.

Halo Lighting - More dynamic lighting effects