Scene 2 UWMF is a new level creation tool for Wolfenstein 3D source ports. This demo contains two maps created using Scene 2 UWMF.

Because Scene 2 UWMF is so new, this mod has a lot of… quirks. The mod is broken up into two different WAD files because Scene 2 UWMF doesn’t support packing multiple maps into one WAD file yet. In the first level, every enemy faces east because Scene 2 UWMF didn’t support rotations when that level was created. Neither level has any doors because Scene 2 UWMF doesn’t support doors yet.

The point is: Scene 2 UWMF is very early days. If you still want to try it out, run

git clone

and start reading its README.


A new plot to resume the work of the demented Doctor Schabbs! Mayhem and carnage abound in TOD IST MEIN LEBEN!



Published by Big_Guy.

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LZWolf is a fork of the ECWolf source port developed by Linuxwolf, laying the groundwork for additional modding capabilities, so budding designers can make ambitious and creative projects with relative ease.

This is a selection of five games built on the LZWolf engine that utilize these features in interesting and prominent ways.

These projects are only the tip of the iceberg. Both ECWolf and LZWolf are capable of a lot and there are many games worthy of attention created on them.

If you feel inspired, it's easy to get into creating games on the engines yourself! You can get started with Dunkelschwamm's Mapping for ECWolf videos, and visit the Discord to talk not just LZWolf and ECWolf, but all things Wolf3D related!


This action packed mapset for ECWolf will keep you on the edge of your seat. You are BJ "Billy" Blokajzwitch, U.S. special agent. The govermnent send you to the infamous secret guardmutant base to kill all guardmutants. Now it's everything and everyone up to you to save the freeworld...


ECWolf is a source port for the Wolf3D engine that has grown in popularity in recent years, in part due to it's accessibility and it's modding-specific features. With each milestone update to the engine, Blzut3 (The developer) tries to bring something new to the project, whether it be compatibility with a commercial Wolf3D title (Such as Super 3D Noah's Ark with v1.3) or something else major. After many years, Blzut3 has announced that version 1.4 of ECWolf is right around the corner, and is set to become the first instance of network-based co-op multiplayer for Wolfenstein 3D! For this significant release, Blzut3 was willing to take some time to answer a few questions regarding the update, other source ports, and Wolf3D in general.


The Prince of Persia mod for LZWolf is an upcoming Total Conversion made on the LZWolf Engine. Its aim is to create an experience completely different from anything previously developed as a Wolfenstein mod. To this end, the TC seeks to reimagine the game Prince of Persia as a first person experience, shifting focus from platforming to combat and puzzle solving.


The Poisonmaker

Published by Big_Guy.





This is a mod where BJ is taken prisoner, thrown on a train, and needs to get back to allied lines, wreaking as much havoc as possible! Stare in awe at the 128x128 graphics courtesy of DoomJedi.