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Castle Solingen

Published on ModDB Downloads at 2023-01-19.

Castle Solingen
CastleSolingen is an extremely vanilla 12-level wolfenstein mod. Requires wolfenstein3D and LZwolf.

ECWolf 1.4.0 and WolfstoneExtract 1.2

Published on ManiacsVault (ECWolf) at 2023-01-18.

Castle Dortmund V2

Published on ModDB Addons at 2023-01-07.

Castle Dortmund V2
Castle Dortmund is a 5-level mapset.It's a remake of something I made for personal enjoyment.

jail break

Published on ModDB Addons at 2023-01-06.

jail break
I made it using HWE(HAVOC'S WOLF3D EDITOR) It took about two hours to make. Works with LZWolf. Convert map1 for episode1. It is a boring content of only 1MAP. A big thank you to HAVOC and id software. ※I am not good at English. Sorry.

P.D. - Peter Dreemurr

Published on ModDB Downloads at 2022-12-25.

P.D. - Peter Dreemurr
P.D. Is Back! But This Time, With Your Name Already Revealed! This Is The First Catacomb 3D Mod. Modified In 1993 And Today!

Articles Beta - One year in

Published by Zombie on 2023-03-16.

It's now been a year since the new, creator-oriented went live, and I am delighted with where we are now.

When Wolfsource (Now first started in 2019, it started with an aim to provide a platform for fans of Wolfenstein 3D and other Wolf3D games to chat and find Wolf3D content. Providing a News Website and a stable Discord, filled a hole that had been present for several years, and was well received.

Also known as -Helvete- or simply Helvete, Castle Helvete was to be an ambitious game by ChiefRebelAngel that teetered on the edge of completion before as is often the case, real life obligations intervene.

Originally announced in July of 2004, ChiefRebelAngel came in strong for his first game announcement, showing off his artistic skills in an unofficial sequel story to Wolfenstein 3D, taking place after the third episode of the game, "Die, Führer, Die!".

On the cusp of the millenium, something new and innovative in the world of Wolf3D would come in the form of FloEdit, a new editor developed and released by Florian Stohr in the final months of 1999.

LZWolf is a fork of the ECWolf source port developed by Linuxwolf, laying the groundwork for additional modding capabilities, so budding designers can make ambitious and creative projects with relative ease.

This is a selection of five games built on the LZWolf engine that utilize these features in interesting and prominent ways.

These projects are only the tip of the iceberg. Both ECWolf and LZWolf are capable of a lot and there are many games worthy of attention created on them.

Discussing ECWolf 1.4 with Blzut3

Published by Zombie on 2022-11-01.
ECWolf is a source port for the Wolf3D engine that has grown in popularity in recent years, in part due to it's accessibility and it's modding-specific features. With each milestone update to the engine, Blzut3 (The developer) tries to bring something new to the project, whether it be compatibility with a commercial Wolf3D title (Such as Super 3D Noah's Ark with v1.3) or something else major. After many years, Blzut3 has announced that version 1.4 of ECWolf is right around the corner, and is set to become the first instance of network-based co-op multiplayer for Wolfenstein 3D! For this significant release, Blzut3 was willing to take some time to answer a few questions regarding the update, other source ports, and Wolf3D in general.